iority. Child▓ren should be given a fair chance at the startin?/h3>

e as a weak bird that needed to make an early start, work with persev▓erance and not feel ashamed of lagging behind. Work incessantly and it will eventually take on a new look," Xi said.Some of Xi's speeches in Ningde were

坓 point of their lives. Give them opportu

later compiled into a book titled "Out of Poverty," which Xi said could serve as a guideline."For those in poverty, a lack of morale will g▓et them nowhere," Xi said."In the battle against poverty, no corruption, fraudulence or blind p

nities to be educated, to go to college. The

ursuit of political achievements can be allowed," Xi said▓, adding that secretaries of the CPC county committees or county magistrates should work at the very frontline and make concrete efforts.Only with a down-to▓-earth style and co

n in eight to ten years, they will have th

ncrete efforts can cadres fulfill the promises of eliminating poverty made to the p▓eople and to the history, according to Xi.Xi has stressed that the task of poverty relief, which tops the Party and the country's work agenda▓, must b

e means to bec▓ome well-off, or at least to

e assigned to the most capable cadres. Secretar▓ies of the CPC county committees and county magistrate▓s could only be transferred to other positio▓ns after their poverty relief work is proved.He ha▓s highlighted the importance of inspect

feed themselves," Xi said.He has demanded

ion and super▓vision in poverty relief, stressing that the effect of poverty elimination work of one place ▓should be evaluated by officials from other places to ensure impartiality and the assessment re▓sult would be an important yard

more financial support be ▓given to educat

stick for cadre promotion.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatScholars▓ and experts in some countries highly appreciated C▓hinese President Xi Jinping's remarks at the▓ just-co

ion in rem

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